Friday, September 14, 2007

boulder solar week: september 23-30th: green home tour

A program of the center for Resource Conservation, Boulder Solar Week is a conference and expo with evening workshops and tours of solar and green built homes around Boulder, Colorado. A list of the seminars can be found here, topics range from 'Understanding Solar Hot Water and Heating Systems', 'Integrating High-Performance Heating & Cooling Systems' to 'Lessons Learned from High Performance Homes'. Highlights from tours in years past were: Solar Village Prospect New Town, Boylan Residence & the Solar Harvest House.
The Tour of Solar and Green Built Homes is a wonderful opportunity for homeowners to see first-hand that solar and green built homes are comfortable, practical, reliable, and affordable. Tour participants can speak with the homeowners, builders, contractors, and installers to ask questions and discuss opportunities.

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