Thursday, September 20, 2007

google natural home map: low impact worldwide

Natural Homes is a great up-and-coming site for locating low impact houses and eco builders around the globe. Based on Google maps, if you are a green builder anywhere on earth you can upload project sites with pictures and descriptions of the eco building that you are constructing. The site is a great resource for all things strawbale, cob, timber frame, earthbag, cordwood, adobe, rammed earth, earthship, eco power generation, landship, water management, roofing & eco plaster. It is a great place for natural builders to share their projects and get inspired by the like-minded. It is in its infancy, so if you have built an eco home--put it on the map!!! The site posts conferences and events, an upcoming one in being, the 6th annual Strawbale Conference in Durango Colorado on September 22nd. The picture is of a strawbale home built in the Netherlands, there is another great site for strawbale in Holland at Strobouw.

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