Wednesday, September 26, 2007

platinum leed certified home: boulder colorado

Over the last and next few months, I will be witness and documentress of the building of a platinum Leeds certified home with U.S. Green Building Council leadership status here in Boulder (making it the first house in Colorado with this certification). The Next West home is designed to be very energy efficient. This home will be powered with solar panels from Simple Solar, will have geothermal heating and cooling, energy effiicient appliances & super insulation. The residential dwelling was designed to make more energy than it will require, selling it back to the utility company and eventually paying for the actual construction of the home. The owners are building the project to simply, "show people that a carbon neutral home can be built." Apparently there are many degrees of leeds certification silver, gold and the ultimate: platinum. I am learning new information always and the best snippet of info I have gathered is that in order to pass for leeds platinum, you must install only florescent lighting fixtures with pin bulbs not screw in. This is to insure that the next occupant of the home would not simply unscrew the bulb and replace it with a traditional incandescent bulb. Once complete, the home will be open to the public on a regular basis serving as a how to of sorts for what can be done. More information at the Zero Carbon Initiative. View a video about SIPS or Structural Integrated Panels, an efficient method of framing rather than conventional construction.

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