Wednesday, September 05, 2007

recycling airplanes: furniture and housing

I was reading Swissmiss today and saw Tina's post on MotoArt a company building furniture out of old airplane parts, albeit unique the furniture is pretty pricey--but if you are an aviation buff, I guess price might not be your concern (No pics are posted from Moto Art). I did however find another great company here in Boulder Colorado doing much the same thing--but aesthetically a little classier. Giancarlo de Astis has his studio & workshop here in Boulder and he gets his materials at the airplane bone yards of Arizona.

Mixing the metal with glass and wood, he creates a refined look to his functional objects.

I have also wanted to do a post for a long time about a friend of mine who is an architect working for David Hertz in Santa Monica. Their firm does amazing ecological design. The firm is also responsible for the material Syndesis, a light weight concrete incorporating recycled materials into it. The firm is currently materializing this Wing House Project in Malibu for Francie Rehwald. More on the Wing House Project here.

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