Monday, September 10, 2007

turn your lawn into a garden: edible estates and tiny farms

A lawn is such an obvious energy suck, it wastes the water needed to keep it green, and mowing for and hour with a regular push mower creates the same amount of pollution as driving a car for 350 miles. Lawns generally go little or totally unused and some people even add toxic weed killers to the stretch of uneco green. What you should do with your wasteful lawn in both the front and back yards is dig it up and start anew with a productive organic vegetable garden and fruit bearing trees and vines. One family in Pasadena has done just this and the results are very surprising. Watch this video of Sara Snow from the Discovery Channel investigating the lives of the Devrae family in Pasadena California--where they have transformed their 1/5 acre lot into a small farm producing 3 tons/6,000lbs of produce annually. Check out their personal website Path to Freedom, where the Devraes journal and share gardening tips and chronicle their journey into self sufficiency. There is another video about front yard transformations called Edible Estates from Treehugger.

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