Saturday, September 29, 2007

yao people of china: herbal infused haute baths

The Yao people of China enjoy a traditional bath of wildcrafted herbs everyday to promote and protect their health. In this traditional bathing ritual, up to 100 herbs with different effects are collected-some eliminating toxic wastes in the body others reducing fever, expelling cold or stimulating the circulation of the blood. Preparation differs from family to family, whatever physical conditions of each may be and also time of year for herbs. Ethnic Yao people take a medicated bath almost every day and believe that the baths make them stronger. They are effective in helping people for relaxation, with pains, with rheumatism, osteo-proliferation and sciatica. Yao people of all ages take a medicated bath on festival occasions. May 5 by the lunar calendar is the day for collecting medicinal plants by ethnic Yao. On that day, whole families will turn out in the wilderness to collect leaves, flowers, fruits, roots or barks known to have a medicinal value, except those that are poisonous or stinging. As local people call it, this is the“day for collecting a hundred medicinal herbs” -- in China, the number “100” is regarded as auspicious. I say yes to hydrotherapy with herbal infusions--who couldn't benefit from some relaxation and TLC? More info at China's Ethnic Groups

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