Sunday, October 21, 2007

bruce campbell: recycled scrap metal art

As part of the satellite Bioneers Conference in Boulder, there is a marketplace in the quadrangle of the Univeristy of Colorado. I spoke with artist Bruce Campbell there about his amazing recycled art and some recent installations he has done. His sculptures, which are mostly pieces of old metal farm equipment, water heaters, tanks etc. are perfect installations for public art works around cities and towns. Gaining more recognition constantly, Bruce now does larger scale installations, like his stacked steel drums which he paints on in a type of modern totem. He has recently intalled these lovely columns at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival near Manchester Tennessee (the largest music festival in North America), an event that draws 100,000 visitors. Campbell outfitted the main stage area with his recycled totems on request of Clean Vibes, a waste-hauling company that also promotes recycling through education. He has also recently installed works at the Taos Solar Music Festival, in Taos New Mexico. Also coupling with the recycling program at CU, Campbell shows at many events on the campus in Boulder. I think that his painted mailbox would be an inspiration to any municipality. If you need a great artist for a public art installation, he is the one to call. Shouldn't we have art to look at on mundane objects everyday?

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