Monday, October 08, 2007

dupont: bio plastic research

DuPont Plastics will team with an Australian company to develop and sell starch-cased polymers for items such as cosmetics, personal care and food packaging trays, caps and containers. Plantic Technologies Limited of Melbourne will use high-amylose corn starch and the resulting new materials will be sold as DuPont Biomax. High-amylose corn starch comes from an annually harvested hybrid corn with unique chemical and film-forming properties. The plastics will be both biodegradable and compostable. "Putting DuPont's polymer science and biotechnology together with Plantic's leading-edge starch-based technology helps both companies broaden the performance of this class of polymers, while accelerating the availability of more options to replace the use of nonrenewable feedstocks," Shanna Moore, DuPont global business director for sustainable packaging materials, said in a statement. "This is part of the company's overall strategy to nearly double revenues from non-depletable resources to $8 billion by 2015 through a combination of DuPont R&D and targeted strategic partnerships."

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