Thursday, October 18, 2007

louise bourgeois: retrospective at tate london

From October 10, 2007-January 8 2008 a retrospective featuring the art of Louis Bourgeois is on exhibition at the Tate Modern in London. Louise Bourgeois (born December 25, 1911) is an artist and sculptor. Her work is deeply involved in the investigation of her own psyche and relation to objects through strong intuition and nostalgia. Louise is one of the most prominent sculptors of the 20th century with highly original work.

Her abstract works are focused is "relationships", an entity in relation to its surroundings. Louise Bourgeois is very effective in conveying feelings such as anger, betrayal and jealousy in her works. She uses many different mediums, including rubber, wood, stone, metal, and fabric. Some of her pieces consisted of erotic and sexual images, her most famous works are possibly the spider structure. At 95, she continues to work and reside in New York.

Her spiders are perfect for Halloween!

More abot Louise Bourgeois at Times Online

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