Wednesday, October 31, 2007

monique pean: 100% sustainable jewelry: eco luxe

I am blogging all I can while on vacation-so bear with me (and check out the sidebar for more inspiration!) I wanted to share a unique artisan with all of you who takes sustainability and social consciousness to heart:

Jewelry designer Monique Pean, creates gorgeous luxury jewelry from found remains of walrus, caribou, baleen and twelve thousand year old woolly mammoth ivory. She avoids needless mining by utilizing 100% recycled gold from remelted jewelry and conflict free diamonds from Australia. Ivory materials are discovered in melting ice caps, thus drawing attention to global warming.

Pean is committed to creating a socially responsible line, inspired by and raising awareness for, indigenous people. Collaborating with Alaskan Native artists to create the fine jewelry collection, she gives 10% of profits from Bering Collection, to the Alaska Native Arts Foundation. The funds are used to train Alaskan Native artists and fight to preserve a disappearing culture and natural landscape.

Each luxurious piece of adornment has a rich history and story to the materials as they are set together in a new, modern combination with a terrestrial look with lovely organic shapes.

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