Friday, October 19, 2007

solar decathlon: darmstadt is the official winning team

The Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt has won the 2007 Solar Decathlon! With higher points than all other teams, their stucture was superior in the Architecture, Engineering and Lighting categories, but scored a perfect 100 points in the Energy Balance category (along with 7 other teams). Its photo voltaic system was intelligently integrated into the design, had a versatile modular design, replaceable technologies, flexible floor plan, adaptability for different climates and ease of transportability ( easy assembly/dissasembly- and ability to be transported via truck or ship)--plus excellent solar functioning capabilities. Unique design features of the home included an accessible platform floor hiding technical installations, storage and integrated furniture as well as a highly-insulated flat roof retains energy.

The entry featured German made products and technologies and after the contest will return to home Germany to be used as a solar power plant on the university's campus.

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Blogger Edukator said...

Wow. Great blog. Proving that sustainability doesn't have to be hippies in burlap sacks and sandals! :)

3:31 AM  

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