Wednesday, October 03, 2007

trashed: youth activism and environmentalism

Global Inheritance is an organization working to reinvent activism for today's young generation. Focusing on the power of creativity to communicate and push for progressive social change. The pictures are from the TRASHed campaign, a year long trash education program developed by Fashion Peace that redefines the way people and businesses view recycling and trash collection.

Global Inheritance has six current programs, the other five being:

1. Fashion Peace: youth-focused worldwide initiative leveraging fashion, music, and art to encourage creative thinking over conflict as a means to correct global imbalances. While addressing worldwide issues with long-term creative solutions rather than temporary shortsighted answers, Fashion Peace looks to empower individuals and groups to speak out and promote their ideas for a positive future.

2. Trashed Recycling Store: An interactive recycling center powered by motivated people who recycle their empty plastic bottles/cans collected on-site in exchange for cool merchandise.

3. Tour Riders: Individuals who are taking the Park n' Ride, Metro and Shuttle to attend Hewit/Silve produced concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, saving gas, money and time and receiving special incentives at he concerts.

4. You're the Bomb: a campaign addressing the current and continuing issues surrounding nuclear nations and their policies. In order to reach the population at large and world's governments, Global Inheritance will leverage two of the Earth's most important commodities, art and technology.

5. Instumental Assistance: Instrumental Assistance provides kids the chance to learn music, regardless of their economic situation, by supporting local school districts with creative options and instruments to build a music presence within the schools.

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