Wednesday, October 10, 2007

veja sneakers: eco business

Originally inspired by the Brazilian volley shoe of the 70's, Veja sneakers are made with organic cotton and natural latex from Amazonia. Veja canvas is in organic cotton that comes from a cooperative of small producers which works in the Brazilian Northeast. Veja works with the producers of organic cotton in Northeast Brazil respecting fair trade principles with long-term trading relationships and respect for workers rights. Storage and deliveries are done by a French social association which helps marginalized workers to go back to the work market. Sneakers soles are made of wild latex from Amazonia. The Amazon Jungle is the only place on earth where the Hevea Trees (latex trees) grow at a wild state. Using Amazonia wild latex is a way to fight against deforestation, and a way to employ the Seringueiros (producers of latex) .
Veja also launched in 2006 a collection made with ecological leather. Ecological leather is a chrome-free leather tanned with organic compouds only. The tanning process uses generally heavy metals (as chrome) rejected afterwards in the rivers around the tanneries polluting water, soils and causing intoxications in towns and villages around. The ecological leather is a chrome-free leather tanned with organic tannins only.
Plus they look great!

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