Wednesday, November 21, 2007

greenworks tv

You must watch the show at Greenworks TV about environmental art made from trash--it is a wonderful video about a favorite topic of mine and the production of the video is done well. Some featured artists on the show are Warren Muller (whom I recently posted about-Bahdee Bahdu) , Angela Ciotti and Neil Benson whose childlike 'Popcorn Lamp' picture on this post is made from plastic and tin toys, game boards, pool balls & electrical components.

Neil Benson belongs to a group in Philadelphia called Dumpster Divers their motto being: “Ejectamentum Nummi Nostrum”- Your Trash is Our Cash.

More about art with trash in this fun article about artist Bobby Hansson.

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Blogger babelouise said...

What a neat lamp! This would go great in a family room or playroom!

3:21 PM  

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