Friday, November 02, 2007

hobby horses: handmade in ireland by dan hillman

Recently I saw a friends little boy galloping around on a hobby horse. They are a wonderful way to inspire imagination, encouraging role play and ultimately becoming an heirloom toy. Dan Hillman of Leitrim Ireland, crafts these eco conscious Hobby Horse playthings from eco sensitive locally sourced windfall timber, Old Fashioned Milk Paint-VOC free, Auro Natural Paints water-based paints/lacquer-VOC free, tung nut oil-VOC free and acrylic paints/varnish-low VOCs. The Hobby Horse gallery shows you color variations, but Hillman loves to accepts private and personal commissions, they come in many sizes, colors and finishes and can include your child's name and have them changed to resemble a favourite animal such as a dragon or sea horse. Dan signs and numbers each Hobby Horse.
via his wife at Sally Gardens

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