Saturday, November 10, 2007

san francisco: green fest 2007

The San Fancisco Green Fest began yesterday and runs through this weekend at the Concourse Exhibition Center.

Green Festivals are a celebration of what’s working in our communities– for people, for businesses and for the environment.

Global Exchange and Co-op America founded the Green Festivals to bring together local and national socially responsible businesses, and environmental, social justice and community organizations all in support of a green economy.

Green Festivals are a walk trough a sustainable community, a public green consumer show. Vendors show how people can make their lives work better, community leaders discuss social and environmental issues of personal, local, national and global concern and organizations and businesses showcase programs and products that serve the community. Green fests are meant to empower people to create a livable community by sharing skills and showing off ideas. Plus there is music, art, culture and delicious food.

If you miss this San Fancisco Green Fest, there are also upcoming shows in Seattle April 12 and 13th, Chicago May 17 and 18th, and next October 6 and 7th.
Photos by Shilpa Kamat and Willis Chan

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