Tuesday, December 25, 2007

drifters: salvaged sea net art by pam longobardi

Pam Longobardi, who recently exhibited her Driftwebs at the POOL art fair at Art Basel in Miami, wants her art to carry a message of human impact on the world oceans. WIth their amazing worn coloration, the webs are a portrait of global late-capitalist consumer society. The Driftweb sculptures, an assemblage of flotsam, are plastic traps meant to increase awareness and transform behavior. Pam Longobardi is a Professor of Art at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Longobardi's intervention by physically removing the debris from the natural environment and then the subsequent arrangements should be encountered as a reflection for one’s own participation and interconnectedness in this destruction of the ocean biosphere. The sculptures represent a connection between earth and the global consumer society. She sees the discarded relics as an ocean regurgitating our plastic materiality.

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Blogger Self-righteous said...

Such a great site. Thanks for what you do -- it's awesome and beautiful.

11:50 AM  
Blogger jonerikk said...

Thankyou hautenature for the Gathering of found Object believers and Longobardii's visual effectiveness with the use of found objects. I also reuse what the Great lakes puke up on the beaches.
Wow great artists and a great site to look up other kindred spirits of the FOUND OBJECT D'ART/

4:18 PM  

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