Wednesday, December 05, 2007

paradice: a sustainable family board game

Paradice, a world floating in a mysterious universe has a particular spirit color in each of its four forests. Players can either take what they can or share what they have for a board game of give and take.

The beautiful wooden game is a wonderful "green" game in which the concept is interaction and balance not domination--only the giver can win and the taker plays for a chance to become the giver. Made with non-toxic dyes and wooden off-cuts, Paradice is for ages 8-adult.

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Blogger bxm said...

Wow !!! that is cool i wonder how much it costs? Do you know where I can get this ? I really like ur blog keep up the good work!

2:40 PM  
Blogger raphel said...

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2:16 AM  
Blogger hautenature* said...

If you click on the links--it is $69. at Tara Luna

8:00 AM  

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