Wednesday, January 09, 2008

planet earth streetwear: eco friendly sportswear

Planet Earth Streetwear has great looking inner and outerwear constructed out of natural, organic and sustainable fibers. They offer great sportswear garments that are earth and fashion conscious.

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Blogger Lynn said...

Just found your blog through blogher. Love all the great links to what promises to be some wonderful organic and recycled products. Your work in assembling all this is really appreciated.

My appreciation for and commitment to incorporating more and more "green" and health/wellness conciousness into our lives has grown over many, many years. It is now a big part of my own home-based business.

A lifelong interest in reflexology was spurred into a professional one as I discovered pure therapeutic grade essential oils and the very real possibilities they offer for health & wellness. They work especially well through the feet. So, I believe my interest over all those years was just a beginning of something much larger. I'm now also offering a line of toxin-free, certified organic cosmetics and skincare to my clients. It's been a great journey!

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