Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dedon furniture: the haute seat: ecolicious

Dedon is a fabulous company from Germany making weather resistant furniture for the terrace or veranda. Their designs are chic modern and very minimal--the best part about their company is that they manufacture all of their line out of a recycled plastic material, making this furniture fabulous and also eco friendly.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your posts, and I love this furniture. Quick question -- Are you sure it's from recycled plastic material? From what I see on their site, it's polyethylene.

10:45 PM  
Blogger hautenature* said...

It does say on their site that it is an environmentally friendly material. I visited a store in Sante Fe, where the sales person tried to assure me that it was made from recycled polyethylene--but like you I have my doubts. I wish that their website had more info for all of us --'greenies'.

11:01 PM  

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