Wednesday, February 06, 2008

the green challenge: what green do you do?

Luce Beaulieu has tagged me about a million years ago to write what I am doing to introduce environmental sustainability into my daily life. Blog Action Day is what I try to do everyday, so even though that day is sooo over:

1- Hang my laundry out to dry instead of using an appliance.

2- Eat local brands/produce whenever possible and organic always.

3- Ride my bike alot.

4- Passionate about eco, so much so that my blog and fledgling company are based on that.

5- Craft using recycled materials, source crafts at thrift stores.

6- I design furniture using FSC woods and reclaimed materials-- that I have shown at HauteGREEN NY. (Art With Function)

7- I am creating an online boutique for sustainble design!!!

8- Support local stores instead of big box chains.

9- I use alot of organic agave as a sweetener... you should too!

10- Use Seventh Generation cleaning products.

Write down your 10!



Blogger Catherine said...

From Paris France:
1. I never have a bath
2. change all my house cleaning product for white vinegar & bicarbonate, or green products + organic beauty
3. never take planes & have no driving licence
4. Re-use & re-cycle of course (working on a magazine project)
5. Write a blog to share informations/ commited as a environment journalist
6.Eat organic or/and support local products
7. Feed my cat with my food
8. "teach" my friends as soon as possible
9.politically engaged
10. read this blog every two days !

7:09 AM  

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