Saturday, February 02, 2008

john hardy: a jeweler making a difference

John Hardy moved to ubud bali 30 year ago and learned the art of jewelry making. He owns a successful jewelry line that supports local balinese workers. His new endeavors include an eco resort called Bambu Indah. For the structures, he had 4-- 150 year old teak houses transported to the site and decorated them with fantastic indonesian antiques. To support the environment of the island, John Hardy Jewelers will plant new bamboo for every bracelet sold. His latest obsession is with the bamboo plant, and there are plans in the works to launch a bamboo furniture collection and to create the largest babmboo built stucture in the world. His company prides itself in being a sustainable workplace where the 600 workers sit down for lucnch together from the organic farm on the premises.

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