Monday, February 25, 2008

portland is americas greenest city

A quarter of the workforce in Portland, Oregon, travels to work by bike, carpool or public transportation and renewable energy accounts for half of the power consumed by the city.

The city 's efforts earned it the top slot this Feb. on Popular Science magazine's list of 50 greenest U.S. cities. San Francisco, Boston, Oakland, Calif., and Eugene, Ore., rounded out the top five greenest cities. Cambridge, Mass., Berkeley, Calif., Seattle, Chicago and Austin, Texas, finished in the top 10 list.

The magazine celebrates these cities that have taken strides toward sustainability far faster than the U.S. federal government. Austin, for example, has committed to using renewable energy to satisfy a third of its energy needs by 2020, while Seattle has retrofitted its municipal heavy duty diesel vehicles to reduce particulate pollution by 50 percent.

"Something about the comparative speed of city government -- a city-council member can green light a project and be cutting the ribbon a year later -- leads to bold action, and as cities trade ideas, a very positive sort of mimicry is spreading," according to the magazine's article publicizing the list.

The list, based on raw data from the U.S. Census Bureau and National Geographic Society's Green Guide, focuses on how cities perform in terms of transportation, green living, electricity and recycling and green perspective.
via Green Biz

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