Friday, March 21, 2008

naturally dyed eggs for easter

I am rising slowly up out of a horrible case of influenza and a death cough........... and because it is almost Easter, I wanted to pull it together for a moment and share with everyone some really great egg crafts for the holiday that I have been accumulating. First, from Craftastica is some natural easter egg dyeing and some more natural dyeing with onion peels at Almond Corner.

Then there are some fantastic, organic, decadent chocolate eggsNatural Collection.

And lastly, Martha never fails to give a 'good thing' with these artistic lace eggs. I think that it would be fabulous to combine the two ideas for naturally dyed lacey eggs!

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Blogger design for mankind. said...


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Blogger chriesi said...

Your eggs look very beautiful. Thanks for mentioning my blog. :) Happy Easter! Greetings from Chriesi - Almond Corner

10:03 AM  

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