Monday, March 10, 2008

anne brigman vs. jack gescheidt: tree worship photography

I was reading Eco Chic's blog and learned about the fantastic photographic Tree Spirit Project by Jack Gescheidt of San Francisco. Immediately my mind transported me back to the lovely images that I had recently seen at the Georgia O'keefe Museum in Santa Fe New Mexico last fall. At the museum, there was a wonderful melange of women artists who had studied art with Alfred Stieglitz whom Georgia O'keefe later married. The women's work laid the groundwork for the idea that women artists possessed a powerful creativity equal to that of men (not the prevailing viewpoint in 1910), their stunning images convinced Alfred Stieglitz and his New York audiences that women could reveal a new and uniquely feminine perspective on modern experience. The photographer Anne Brigman was my personal favorite for that exhibition. To me it seems the early earthy gaia centered photography of Anne Brigman and the contemporary photography of Jack Gescheidt were both inspired by deep passion for nature, people & wilderness. The sepia tone photo on the bottom is Anne Brigman's work circa 1910's, the top photo is by Jack Gescheidt from 2005. See more of Brigman's work here.

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