Tuesday, April 29, 2008

bat house project: london wetland's center: barnes

Having just visited Austin Texas and always having been an admirer of bats (some even pollinate flowers), I was happy to find the Bat House Project. The project invited architects, builders, home-owners and conservationists to work design a wildlife-friendly building design for London Wetlands Centre in Barnes-in South West London. The Project built on the Mayor of London's policies to raise awareness of urban biodiversity and to support the survival of London’s ten bat species. The Bat House Project winners: Jorgen Tandberg and Yo Murata had an amazing entry. Raising awareness and protection for these wonderful creatures is crucial. Bats tend to lend an added perk for tourists as an extra attraction as in Sydney Australia and in Austin Texas, where visitors flock to see them make their dawn and dusk journeys. The bats are quite impressives as they take flight, setting off in search of mosquitos and other pests to eat.

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