Monday, April 14, 2008

matthijs vogels: recycled wastewear

Eindhoven Academy graduate Matthijs Vogels has developed a beautiful and zero waste way to eliminate food scraps by turning it into plates and bowls. Vogels exhibited a concept restaurant, where all food waste would be recycled into tableware as well as gas fuel for the cooking.

The tableware is made by shredding, drying and moulding the vegetable fibres with a hand press. To make the products hygienic and moisture resistant- a transparent sheet of biodegradable plastic (PLA) is laminated in the inside. Vegetable, fruit, tea, coffee and packaging waste is churned up, moulded under pressure and formed into any shape.

After use, the dirty plates and bowls are fed together with foodleftovers to a biodigester to create bio-gas for the cooking. The residue from this process is a nutrient rich fertilizer to grow new crops from in the greenhouse.

via Culiblog

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were do you buy these products?

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