Wednesday, April 16, 2008

steve wiman: haute found object art

Steve Wiman creates wonderful color combinations from vibrant found plastic bits. Texas native collects all types of things: toys, dishes, books, clothes, photographs, paper ephemera, tools, jewelry, bicycle tires. He loves the patina of things worn with age.

As undergraduate students at the University of North Texas, Wiman and his wife, Emily Cowart, studied under noted assemblage artist Vernon Fisher. Later, Wiman went to graduate art school at the University of Texas and enrolled in the painting program, "even though I never made a painting the whole time I was there," he says. Still, it was the study of color and composition through painting that gave him his aesthetic foundation.

Wiman sorts objects by color in his studio, then he assembles the objects into lovely works of art. He is also the founder and proprietor of Uncommon Objects, a popular South Congress Avenue store in Austin that sells unusual antiques, oddities and collectibles.

His work reminds me of a pastel palette like Tony Cragg works.

via Dear Ada

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