Saturday, April 12, 2008

train car conversions: haute nostalgic recycling

Today I am obsessed with the idea of converting a train car into a cabin or some little studio. I think that it would be a fabulous way to reuse and recycle. Old train cars and cabooses and be bought Cabooses 4 Sale.

The Railcar Bridge is another great way to recycle them into something useful.

They are often used as kitchy hotel accommodation like at Fairbanks Alaska Bed & Breakfast and at the Red Caboose Getaway.

If you are in the L. A. area, you can even book one for a catered party venue at Creative Cuisine.

Photos via Manimal & RC

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Blogger RipeGreenIdeas said...

How about a train tranformed into a bridge:

5:46 AM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

Oh how this inspires me! I love the rail days of the circus, and that first photo of the yellow car in the woods makes me think of... well, making my own circus themed rail car in the middle of nowhere. I always wondered how those old cars were dealt with, but I'm glad to learn that they're still around and available for upcycling.

9:01 AM  

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