Saturday, April 19, 2008

zhi tea: organic from austin texas

For Earth Day, there are several things going on in Austin, at an EDay park celebration I met Jeffrey, who launched Zhi Tea last year and is about to open a brick and mortar tea shop for his brand. Zhi Tea tastes and smells wonderful--and it is all organic.

I learned from Zhi Tea packaging that,
Drinking a daily cup of tea, has been shown in studies to:

Reduce the risk of heart attack by 44%
(Harvard Study)
Lower bad cholesterol
(US Dept. of Agriculture)
Aid in weight loss and in burning fat
(American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)
Combat arthritis and improve bone density
(Health Magazine)
Lower the risk of cancer and kill cancer cells
(Consumer Reports)
Improves the immune system
Reduces the physical signs of aging
(TIME Magazine)
Fight bad breath and cavities
(Web MD)
Zhi Tea has so many delicious sounding flavors like Kashmiri Chai, Coconut Assam, Plum Oolong, Siciliana Mate....etc, I just cannot decide what to drink first.

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Anonymous Penelope Davis said...

Wow! I just checked out their site. Fabulous, if the tea is as good as their site, I am in. We are rabid tea drinkers.

-Penelope Davis

4:12 PM  

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