Tuesday, May 27, 2008

environmental tree carving: if you have to cut them, turn them into art

Much more popular in the UK than the US, tree carving from downed trees is becoming a nice way to incorporate environmental art sculpture into botanical parks, public parks and private yards.

Hollow Log Tree Carving & Sculpture is the Boulder Colorado company of Lueb Popoff, a tree farmer and forestry artist. If your trees ever get too old or diseased, his art is a great way to ease the pain of having a tree in your yard cut down. His images are the tree frogs and the gnome with red hat.

Other tree artist include Paul Sivel, gnome at Urban Jungle, flower at Tree Carving UK, the otter sculpture can be found at Highnam Court Gardens UK. The star tree is from Clifton Hotwells & Green Man at Royal Victoria Park

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