Monday, May 12, 2008

plant a green roof: dynamic and beneficial

Planting a green or living roof can help cut down on urban city heat generated by concrete and pavement. They can also reduce the heating and cooling costs of a home or building. The average city is 7 degrees hotter than the surrounding areas because of all of the manmade materials that reflect the sun's radiation as heat. A Green Roof can also reduce the amount of storm water that runs off a building and into the drainage system. Green Roof's can retain 3/4 of the water that falls onto them and allow it to return to the atmosphere as evaporation--natures way. A green roof adds natural beauty as well as providing habitat and food for insects and birds.

Green roofs are typically installed on flat or sloped roofs, with 3-12 inches of soil. A structural engineer will be able to consult you as to which type of green roof to choose.

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