Wednesday, May 14, 2008

plastic beach junk art: fran crowe

Plastic trash from Suffolk beaches exhibited by artist Fran Crowe at A Fly in the Face. She vowed to save one square mile of ocean for a year by collecting 46000 pieces of litter walking on the beaches near her home. Every time she went out, she took carrier bags and picked up all the litter she could carry. Crowe raised nearly $2000 for the Marine Conservation Society through sponsorship and sale of her unique seaside ‘souvenirs’. She encourages people to join the Marine Conservation Society's Coastal Challenge or do a local river or beach clean-up, such as Beachwatch.

In one year Crowe walked over 200kms and carried away nearly a third of a ton of plastic trash.

photo Nat Bocking

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OpenID cloud9design said...

great story. amazing photograph....

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Andy N said...

check out this guy too = steve mcpherson. He also creates artworks with found beach trash. His website is its great stuff

1:21 PM  

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