Monday, June 09, 2008

san francisco green map

The global Green Map movement, developed first by Wendy Brawer for New York City 15 years ago to encourage environmental awareness and sustainability consciousness is spreading. Today there are more than 400 Green Map projects in 51 countries helping people locate sustainable urban and rural places. I love the San Francisco site and think that every city and town/community should have a resource like the Green Map. Nearly 400 San Francisco site references are iconized and classified into more than 40 categories including:

farmers markets, community and school gardens
buried creeks and waterways
recycling and reuse centers
permaculture and sustainable agriculture education institutions
local environmental and community groups
public squares, bike lanes, and non-car transportation options
environmentally sound architecture and design projects
green schools and kid friendly eco spots
solar and other renewable energy techologys
biodiesel stations
wildlife habitats and natural features
toxic hot spots, abandon mines, and radioactive pollution areas
native Californian sites

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Blogger bunnie said...


Thought this film might be of interest to you.
Cool piece of installation art done in San Francisco made with “reverse graffiti”. Apparently the artist, Moose, used stencils and greenworks to create the designs.

just thought it related to san francisco and its green-ness !

check out the you tube video

3:47 PM  

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