Wednesday, July 02, 2008

james hubbell: environmental architecture

James Hubbell is a very talented craftsman and architect who built the Sea Ranch Chapel in Northern California. Hubbell has been using earth-friendly design techniques since the 1950s- his architecture combines stained glass, metal, mosaics and a variety of materials in interesting new ways so that his buildings are at harmony with their natural surroundings. His firm Hubbell & Hubbell Architecture is now a practice in partnership with his son.

The Sea Ranch Chapel shown below, was dedicated December 8, 1985 with cedar roof, copper spire, teak doors, native redwood, local stone, etc. The entire chapel was designed and crafted by Hubbell including the windows, inlaid door, metal chandelier, ornate prayer desk and kneeling cushion tapestry.

Hubbell is creating an amazing legacy as well with his Ilan Lael Foundation, watch the video below to learn about his future art and education center and workplace. He is an incredibly wonderful man, a giving man, a man with a vision.

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