Sunday, July 27, 2008

sailing a junk raft to hawaii

Junk Raft Dr Markus Erickson and Joel Pashal from the Algalita Marine Research Foundation are sailing to Hawaii from Long Beach California with a raft constructed from trash. This sailable raft is made from a 1961 Cessna airplane, tied to sailboat masts with plastic bag rope, and 15,000 PET bottles in fishing-nets that make it float. ‘We were looking for something that was lightweight and could stand the banging of the Ocean.’

Students from three high schools helped with the construction of the raft, they made rope from plastic bags and cleaned the PET-bottles. What a great school project!

With this action the men want to call attention to plastic soup which is now floating in the Pacific Ocean.

View all their videos at Annarubiecita.

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