Sunday, August 24, 2008

citybag trade: haute recycled rain jacket bags by kendra stanley

Kendra Stanley takes old rain jackets and refashions them into grocery bags for her budding new company City Bag Trade City Bag Trade. A resident of San Francisco, her start up came at a perfect time, right when a city ordinance banned the use of plastic bags. Bag makers are experimenting with all sorts of bag materials, but recycling old rain jackets is a savvy way to use the lightweight material--and she is the first that I have seen to use the nylon coats.

Since starting City Bag Trade, Kendra has given away many bags as well as traded them. Stanley doesn't charge a set price. Instead she asks customers either to send in a used rain jacket from which to make a bag or to negotiate a fee. She also offers instructions and a free downloadable pattern on her web site. She hopes to partner with local businesses, offering customized City Bags with store logos.

via NotCot

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