Wednesday, August 20, 2008

reware store: haute solar carry alls

On August 1st, Reware, the company known for its solar-powered Juice Bags, introduced four new bags; an attaché, messenger bag, women’s hobo bag and Everyday Tote, all made from recycled fabrics. “ Reware Store bags now utilizing their signature Rewoven™-brand fabric, which is available in recycled and organic varieties.

Their recycled PET is a high-quality polyester fiber that begins life as discarded 2-liter soda bottles. The bottles are deconstructed and repurposed as a fiber that’s then woven. The fiber is woven into a cloth that is extremely durable and water resistant. Depending on the style of bag, from 3 to 10 soda bottles are used to make the fabric for each Reware bag.

Reware's recycled cotton is said to contain the highest proportion of guaranteed post-consumer cotton available anywhere in the world. With a 75/25 mix (recycled/new), our recycled cotton bags assure strength and long-lasting durability. Rewoven-brand fabrics are 100% guaranteed as post-consumer and 100% Made in the USA.

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Blogger Vesper de Vil said...

these are gorgeous! so innovative and inspiring!!!

9:58 AM  

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