Wednesday, August 13, 2008

sea ranch: early environmentalism

In 1963, a development group from Hawaii purchased nearly ten miles of Pacific Ocean coastline 105 miles north of San Francisco. They were determined to restore the barren rangeland of this former cattle ranch to its natural state, and in addition to planting trees and re-seeding native grasses, they designed enclaves of small, weathered-wood homes for people who shared their environmental ethic, which adapted the old local Pomo Indian principle of living lightly on the land. Forty-four years later, Sea Ranch is still a landmark in environmentally-sensitive development. There are over 1,400 homes now, and the design paradigm of simple forms that fit into their individual landscapes remains. Many of the homes at Sea Ranch are available for rent, some for a little as two nights plus there is lodging at the Sea Ranch Lodge, at the southern end of the property-- 20 guestrooms and a great restaurant. All the native flora and fauna left in its original state is a testament to the concept of carefully planned development with a minor environmental impact.
Sea Ranch Lodge
more about Sea Ranch here

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