Thursday, September 25, 2008

brain cancer for young cell phone users: scary!!

Children and teenagers are five times more likely to develop brain cancer if they use mobile phones, reports The Independent.
Research carried out by the scientists at University Hospital, Orebro, in Sweden — and presented this month at a conference at the Royal Society of Radiation Research — has shown that children who start using mobile phones under the age of 20 have a five-fold increased risk of developing glioma, a cancer of the glial cells that support the central nervous system.

The Swedish researchers also discovered that people who started using mobiles young were also five times more likely to get acoustic neuromas, benign but often disabling tumours of the auditory nerve, which usually cause deafness.

By contrast, people who were in their twenties before using handsets were only 50 per cent more likely to contract gliomas and just twice as likely to get acoustic neuromas.

Lead researcher, professor Lennart Hardell, told The Independent: “This is a warning sign. It is very worrying. We should be taking precautions." Lennart advises that children under 12 should not use mobiles except in cases of emergency and that teenagers should use hands-free devices or headsets and use texting instead of calls.

The Swedish scientists believe that young children are at higher risk from mobile phone radiation because their skulls are thinner and their brains have not full developed.
via Natural Products Online

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Blogger marc aurel said...

I refuse to use any product which is so heavily advertised. I feel the lack of a cell phone about twice a year. My big complaint is that they lead to a shortage of pay phones.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Everything Changes said...

How ironic; I was a total ludite and the only thing that finally convinced me to get a cell phone at age 27 was my cancer diagnosis. Waiting for a doctor to call you back is even more anxiety provoking than waiting for a guy to call you back. Without one, I'd be chained to a land line even on days that I felt well enough to go out. Though I use it sparingly, it is one of my cancer must haves.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Brianne said...

Scientists here have said it's mostly when you press the cell phone to your ear. I wonder if that was considered in this study.

5:27 PM  

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