Friday, September 05, 2008

living machines: wastewater recycling

These Living Machines by John Todd, seem as if they should be in a botanical garden and not the scene for waste-water management. The series of ecosystems work together to break down water contaminants, by filtering and cleaning waste-water with plants and fish. The concept was recently awarded a Buckminster Fuller Award for its elegant application in cleaning up Appalachia’s water supply.

Albeit new to America, in Europe they have been experimenting with this technology for a long time. A decade ago, I saw this same concept in practice in Denmark--which I will post about soon.

The technology uses “helpful bacteria, fungi, plants, snails, clams and fish that thrive by breaking down and digesting pollutants”, selecting and then cultivating diverse communities is key in order for all compounds to be treated. The result is clean water that is potable.

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Anonymous krista said...

Beautiful! I would love to learn how to create one of these. So cool.

9:50 PM  

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