Thursday, October 09, 2008

pure bar: nutritional treats

Pure Bars are organic, vegan, raw and very delicious. Recently, I fell for the Organic Cherry Cashew bar--although the Apple Cinnamon is a close second. They are all sweetened with agave nectar--a sugar alternative great for diabetics. They fit many of my diet "try toos"--tons of omega 3's, gluten free, dairy free, no refined sugar and no preservatives. Try some.

The creation of the company is an endearing story sparked by Veronica Bosgraaf's support of her six year old daughters decision to become a vegetarian. Veronica wanted her daughter to get all her essential nutrients, so she started experimenting with recipes in her kitchen in Holland Michigan--thus Pure Bars was born.

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Blogger Light Harmony Gratitude said...

Mmmmmmm . . . . vegan raw organic chocolate! My fave! Have you read this article about some friends of mine from Toronto? They were arrested at the U.S. border for transporting unmarked raw chocolate that they make and sell (the guards mistook it for hashish). The article is well written, and detailed, It seems like a pretty crazy case!
here's the article link:

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