Tuesday, December 16, 2008

floracopeia: aromatic medicinals

Floracopeia's offers traditional medicinal plants and the highest quality essential oils while promoting ecologically sustainable projects. Founded by David Crow, the goals of Floracopeia include economically supporting and uplifting ecological farmers around the world by purchasing their high-quality aromatic products, to preserve rainforests by purchasing aromatic products from sustainable agroforestry projects and to promote the use of ethnobotanical medicines as solutions to the widespread ecological destruction taking place in the world.

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Anonymous Coryon Redd said...

I have been working with Floracopeia.com for a couple of months and I have been impressed by the company. They have a sincere desire to educate the consumer on the best uses of essential oils. David Crow also strives to source their oils from the most sustainable methods that support the autonomy of local communities. The ability of these remote communites to sustain the ecology surrounding them is crucial to our success as a species. I have been proud to help them suceed online while promoting their strong environmental ethics.


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