Sunday, December 21, 2008

tatil brazil: design & branding sustainably

Tatil designed these printed leave invitations for the 55th Cannes Publicity Festival, and that succeeded in turning heads. The leaves are a disposable flyer that is actually supposed to be thrown away on the ground. Paint free, borrowed from nature for a purpose and them returned to it.

Steve Latham, contents coordinator of the 55th Cannes Publicity Festival, said:
“I must say that in my 3 years organizing the Cannes Lions Festival, the work put into the marketing for this workshop has actually been the best I’ve ever seen, in the seminar program and the workshop program. It was so creative and simple, environmentally friendly….it’s just been fantastic. I’ve seen people playing with these things, with the leaves, trying to understand what they are…and, of course, there’s a message in there inviting people to come to workshop. I found it just amazing and innovative. I would like to congratulate everyone envolved in the making of this project and it is something I would recommend as an idea for future seminar and workshop holders. So, congratulations!”

With offices both in Rio and São Paulo, Tatil provide services to clients that include Nokia, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola and Philips.

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