Friday, January 09, 2009

rishi tea & teaware: organic & fair trade

Besides offering delicious organic loose leaf tea blends like Pu-erh Ginger, Silver Needle Jasmine, Mate Lemongrass & Peach Rooibos; Rishi Tea has amazing teaware accessories, sets and tea storage. I am loving using my new Plum Blosson Teapot in the style of the famous Shudei kyusu-traditional iconic Tokoname style! Rishi Tea also offers my favorite tea, Matcha (Japanese green tea the entire crushed leaf) with all the required tea ceremony accessories like the "Chasen” or bamboo whisk utensil for making Matcha smooth and creamy.

Remember: tea has numerous health benefits and enhances focus and relaxation. Tea stimulates neural activity and can improve learning function, it has anti-stress properties and strengthens the immune system, it detoxifies and is longevity promoting.

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