Saturday, January 10, 2009

time candles: created for the blind

Lorenzo De Rosa and Ernesto Ladevaia of Sovrappensiero, a design studio in Milan, launched a collection of items geared towards the blind. The collection "Design per Non Vedenti" can also be taken conceptually, as a reminder that all senses are involved when it comes to experiencing real life and day-to-day living. An example of "slow" design, Sovrappensiero tells us to slow down and appreciate all sensual experiences.

Lorenzo sais, these are, "Designed for people with disabilities because the objects they usually use can sometimes be really cold and unpleasant. For example: devices made for the blind are primarily based on robotic voices or braille writing. The objects we designed are based on deeper sensations, like the smell of flowers or the sound of leaves in a forest."

Scented Time, asks, "How long is a moment of pleasure? What is its smell?" Each candle is scented differently and lasts twenty minutes, lighting the next one before the flame goes out. The user decides when the period of time shall begin when the first candle is lit, and thus smells the passage of time.



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