Saturday, February 21, 2009

bamboo as building material

This sounds a bit 'behind the times', but at least CNN is reporting about bamboo and its sustainability.

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Blogger sam small said...

Surprisingly, there's been very little media attention of modern construction using structural bamboo. This is one of the very few TV appearances of a house built primarily out of Bamboo.
But there's more coming:
Planet Green on the Discovery Network, has a show called Renovation Nation that just shot a feature segment on one of Bamboo Living's homes being erected Maui. Look forward to that airing sometime soon. And here's a new interview with sustainability guru Hunter Lovins on building homes and resorts with structural bamboo.

Bamboo Living prefabricates building code certified bamboo homes and resorts in their factory in VietNam that gives everyone the opportunity live in their value by living in a sustainable bamboo house.

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