Tuesday, March 24, 2009

energy saving, fast recharging batteries

Energy-saving battery technology will enable lithium batteries to recharge in mere seconds.

The researchers associated with the discovery knew that lithium ions do move very quickly in lithium iron phosphate, a material commonly used in batteries. However, they only do so if the ions are directly in front of the tunnel accessed from the surface. Things start to go bad when the ions are misplaced and are prevented from reaching the tunnel entrance. The problem was solved by developing a new surface structure that does allow the lithium ions to move quickly around the outside of the material, allowing an ion traveling along this beltway to be instantly diverted into the tunnel, rather than preventing it from doing so.

Apart from easing the charging time of batteries, this new material doesn’t degrade with charging and discharging cycles and could lead to smaller and lighter batteries. The technology is fully developed and researchers believe that the work could make it into the marketplace within two or three years.



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