Tuesday, July 14, 2009

blue jeans quilts

Speaking of blue jeans.....albeit a bit 70's, I think that the blue jeans quilt could make a serious comeback. As long as you don't follow the boring 6X6 square method and do something a bit more creative... a la Gees Bend Quilts.

Image 1 Flickr

Image2 : Rachey Carey George (born 1908). Work-clothes strips, c. 1938. Denim (wool trousers, mattress ticking, cotton). 82 x 72 inches. The Collection of the Tinwood Alliance.

Image3: Annie Mae Young, born 1928. Work-clothes quilt with center medallion of corduroy strips, 1976. Denim, corduroy, synthetic blend, 108 x 77 inches. The Collection of the Tinwood Alliance

Image 4 via Martha Stewart Living

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