Wednesday, September 09, 2009

best reuse.....ever! mushroom tunnel

I might be slightly bias in saying that this is the best abandoned architectural reuse I have ever seen, since I adore mushrooms...but I challenge anyone to find a better use of space. Dr. Noel Arrold is founder of Li-Sun Exotic Mushrooms which houses itself in an abandoned railway tunnel originally built in 1886. Although the tunnel is still Australian state property, Dr. Arrold secured himself a five year lease and re-fashioned it into a lovely mycological growing facility. Dr. Arrold has actually been growing mushrooms in the Mittagong tunnel for more than twenty years--varieties such as Shimeji, Wood-ear, Shiitake, and Oyster thrive there. The tunnel is 650 metres long, 30 metres deep and remains at a constant 15 degrees Celsius, fluorescent lights illuminate the space for 12 hours.
more info here.

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